CropGrower's Services


GIS Analysis

CropGrower has access to state of the art tools and software, along with many years experience, offering our clients the best analysis.  At the same time, our low overhead and automation processes allow us to offer clients some of the best pricing in the business.  Have a GIS project in mind?  Give us a call or email to see what our price quote would be.

Remote Sensing analysis

CropGrower has worked with NASA and USDA to analyze satellite and airborne imagery, and our personnel have been involved in the development of a number of satellite and airborne sensors.  Our suite of off the shelf and customized software tools give us a distinct advantage when planning projects to allow our clients to quickly solve big problems accurately with minimal effort.

land use assessments

We can combine our imagery and GIS skills with models such as GREET and GTAP to assess land use change and/or perform GHG emissions from land use change.