CropGrower specializes in helping our clients solve their agricultural and land use 


carbon Neutral Agriculture Collaborative 

Project aims to promote carbon capturing agricultural practices using carbon neutrality for Monsanto as the example.  CropGrower's role is to use emerging satellite technologies to monitor agricultural projects for compliance.


Mapping agricultural Buffers for Illinois Corn Growers Association

Project used multiple resolution satellite and aerial photography datasets to map existing non-agricultural areas within agricultural fields (grass waterways, tree windbreaks etc) in Illinois.  These lands are often included as agriculture in land use assessments but could offer valuable habitat and pathway for wildlife.


Technology development with Satellogic

Satellogic is launching earth observation microsatellites with 1 meter multi/pan video, 30 meter hyperspectral and 90 meter thermal.  CropGrower is helping them understand the agricultural market and develop applications,